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The last two Extra Normal mixes of 2018 are now online:
Music for Magnetic Tape and Humming by Lumpen Nobleman and Black Magic Wiki by Dan Dizette.

Magnetic Tape sleeveBlack Magic sleeve



Mix No. 78 of the Extra Normal series is now online:
The Temple of the Crimson Sphere by Dan Dizette.

Crimson Sphere sleeve



Mixes No. 76 and 77 of the series by Dan Dizette and Lumpen Nobleman respectively:
Life Begins When You’re Ready To Face It
and A Little Thrush in the System

Life Begins sleeveThrush sleeve

The mixes are coming thick and fast. Click on the sombre dingo to hear Dan Dizette’s recent trip from folk to post-punk via skronk: Your Garden is the Place Where I Come From

Your Garden sleeve

The Contra Pop 2016 CD, launched at this year’s festival, is now available from our Bandcamp site.


The latest Extra Normal mixes are now online.
Click on the creepy doll, swan pattern and purple maze to hear what Lumpen Nobleman and Dan Dizette have put together.

Mix No. 74: The Silver Eyed Boy by Lumpen Nobleman

Silver Eyed Boy sleeve

Mix No. 73: The Lost Queen’s Black Swan by Lumpen Nobleman

Lost Queen sleeve

Mix No. 72: Wicked Contemplation Garden by Dan Dizette

Wicked Contemplation Garden sleeve



Whitstable Biennale logo

We’re delighted to annouce our partnership with Whitstable Biennale, centred around the co-production of a digital project focusing on the work of Contra Pop 2018 artists Dave Kane, Alex Neilson, Chris Sharkey and Alex Ward.

Kane, Neilson, Sharkey, Ward
Clockwise from top left: Neilson, Ward, Sharkey, Kane

The project forms part of a new strand of Whitstable Biennale’s year-round programme which aims to build on its work with performers, exploring a diverse range of creative practices that focus on the live event rather than the material outcome, and testing what it means to share these practices with audiences, particularly though digital media.

Kane, Neilson, Sharkey and Ward perform as a quartet for the first time at 3.15pm on Saturday 4th August on Ramsgate beach and the digital project will be published in the coming months.

Contra Pop 2018 running order


The Contra Pop 2016 compilation CD, featuring work from all sixteen acts, is to be released on 4th August 2018 and will be available at this year's festival on Ramsgate beach. We'd like to thank the Contra Pop 2016 artists for embracing the project!


We're delighted to team up with Ramsgate's Pie Factory Music to bring Contra Pop 2018 artist Chris Sharkey to Ramsgate Youth Centre for a Digital-Acoustic Sound Lab the evening before the festival.

Chris Sharkey workshop at Pie Factory



Illustrator-extraordinaire Oliver Barrett has taken things in a space-age direction this year.
Click on his classic poster to find out more about the third edition of Contra Pop Festival, 4th-5th August 2018.
Tickets are free of charge (or by donation), but booking is necessary and capacity is limited.

Contra Pop 2018 poster


We're happy to say that Contra Pop Festival will be returning to Ramsgate on 4th-5th August 2018.
The line-up will be announced here, on the Extra Normal website, on Thursday 31st May.

Golden Teacher at Contra Pop
Golden Teacher at Contra Pop 2015

The first Extra Normal mix of 2018, Faceless, is a very special one, not just because it’s actually an original composition rather than a mix(!), but also as it was produced by our good friend and musical visionary, Simon Vincent.

The striking illustration below, ‘In His Head’, is taken from the comic book Simon was reading in 1993 around the time he made Faceless.

Click on the clipping to be transported to the mindspace of a ruthlessly corporate London via wyrd old Norwich at the advent of the Partridge era.

Simon Vincent sleeve


Commons logo

We're delighted to announce the latest addition to our roster, Commons, an alter-disco improv duo hailing from Ramsgate.
You can follow them on Twitter at @commonsband and Instagram at @commonsband
More importantly, you can catch them live at the Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate on 21st March, supporting Brooklyn's avant-psych-jazz ensemble, Sunwatchers.

Sunwatchers poster



We’re excited to announce that Lumpen Nobleman will be DJing at Ramsgate’s brand new cabaret night, ‘Screaming Alley’,
at the Royal British Legion Club on Cliff Street this Friday 16th February.
Click on the heart-eye for more details.

Screaming Alley logo



Our review of Sophie Tassignon’s Licht – Raum – Erkundungen CD here.

Tassignon CD sleeve



We’re excited to announce that Lumpen Nobleman will be performing live with ex-Family-Elan drummer and all-round musical maverick Mark Hearne at Folkestone’s Profound Sound Festival, programmed by Hot Salvation Records, mid-afternoon on Saturday 3rd February. Expect synthesizer, turntable and percussive improvisations.

Profound Sound logo

The festival's base is the Quarterhouse on Tontine Street and other acts on the bill over the weekend include Louise Ahl, Fritz Welch, Paddy Steer and Brassica.


Happy New Year!

Lumpen Nobleman's track 'More Realistic Contemporary Settings' is included on esteemed London label Linear Obsessional's MR-James-inspired A View From a Hill compilation, released on 24th December 2017. The comp was put together by David Little and features tracks by Steven Ball, Viv Corringham, Ingrid Plum, Philip Sanderson and dozens more.

“The duration of the track corresponds with the time it takes to carry an overfull Aldi carrier bag briskly through the patchily lit grounds of St. George’s Church, Ramsgate, from the Church Road entrance to the Broad Street exit, stopping for a minute to consider how MR James redefined the ghost story for the 20th century by abandoning many of the formal Gothic clichés of his predecessors and using more realistic contemporary settings”.

Here are the last two Extra Normal mixes of the year.

The first one, put together by Dan Dizette, touches on the 1960s British folk revival, 1990s Malian field recording and some of the screechiest moments of the mid-20th-century Transatlantic avant-garde.
Click on the skeletal peacock to begin.

Peacock sleeve

The second one, by Lumpen Nobleman, takes in noisy guitar-work, eccentric singer-songwriting, European avant-prog excursions, Gaelic psalms, Jamaican reggae, London dancehall and the best pop song of 2017.
Click on the picture postcard view to board the Siberian Express.
N.B. Exclusively first class travel available; nothing's too good for the workers.

Siberian sleeve



Mixes number 7 and 8 of the year by Lumpen Nobleman and Dan Dizette respectively.
Click on the tap and nails to listen.

Empty Suitcases sleeve

Horn sleeve


We're proud to say that a recent track from Lumpen Nobleman has been included on the latest Patient Sounds compilation.
Much like when his first release was aired on the HelloGoodbye Show back in 2011, the singular nobleman has again been mistaken for a congregation of noblemen.


Here's a couple of new mixes from Dan Dizette and Lumpen Nobleman respectively.
Click on the organism and mineral in turn to listen to them:

Shinzo sleeve

Snowball sleeve



The new mixes just keep on coming. Here's a madcap selection for the weekend from Lumpen Nobleman:

Clown sleeve



With Contra Pop Festival not happening this year, the new mixes are coming thick and fast:

Dan Dizette presents Vite, Un Crayon!

Crayon sleeve


A couple of new mixes uploaded today:

Lumpen Nobleman's You Say Tornadoes, I Say Tornados

Tornado sleeve

and Dan Dizette's Hug the Hive and Down the Fourth Path

Hive sleeve



Heard yesterday that we didn't get our main funding, so there will be no Contra Pop this year, unfortunately.
We'd like to thank everyone who made the last two years a success and hopefully we can bring the festival back in the future!




Keir Neuringer and Matt Wright's wonderful CD Speak Cities is out today!
Get your copy from the Extra Normal Bandcamp site (here).

On the back of a spellbinding show with Evan Parker at London's Cafe OTO on Saturday 15th April,
the duo will play Arco Barco, Ramsgate, on Wednesday 19th April (sign-up here), with DJ Lumpen Nobleman,
and St. Gregory's Centre, Canterbury, on Thursday 20th April (tickets here), with pianist Simon Vincent.

Speak Cities sleeve

The album has had some favourable reviews at:
Radio Free Midwich, UK
Dragon Jazz, Tunisia
LongPlay, Poland


Shaun Blezard's Towards the Margins show on FutureMusicFM last Sunday 26th March was an absolute cracker, taking in some of the most vital jazz, improv and 'out there' music of recent times. We are honoured that Shaun saw fit to include a song from the Extra Normal vaults and a forthcoming track from the label.
The former piece is Richard Dawson's stunningly wonky live version of 'Judas Iscariot' recorded at Contra Pop 2015; the latter being none other than Keir Neuringer and Matt Wright's 'Cityspeak', from their forthcoming album, Speak Cities, due for release on 18th April.


We're excited to announce Keir Neuringer and Matt Wright's Speak Cities tour dates.
You can pre-order the CD via Bandcamp now, in advance of its 18 April release date.

Speak Cities Tour Poster


A belated happy new year from everyone at Extra Normal.

We're excited to announce the London launch of Keir Neuringer and Matt Wright's Speak Cities CD at Cafe OTO
with Evan Parker on Saturday 15th April 2017. Please click on the photographic portrait of Mr. Neuringer for more info.

Keir Neuringer by Peter Gannushkin



As the new year approaches, we've posted a barrowload of new mixes on the site, including the following belters:

Sherwood sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 60: Sherwood at the Controls '79 to '84 Classic DJ Set by Adrian Sherwood.
Click on the picture of the On-U Sound label boss above to listen.

Barbarossa sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 58: Contra Pop Festival 2015 DJ set by David Barbarossa.
Click on the picture of the Kilmarnock disco legend to listen.

Dungeon sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 57: Dungeon Complaint by Dan Dizette.
Click on the close-up of a pile of shredded paper or Tippexed straw to listen.

Wolf sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 56: Crazy Shit, The White Wolf by Dan Dizette.
Click on the bird's-eye view of the Tigris to listen.

Shipton sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 55: Contra Pop Festival 2015 DJ set by Doug Shipton.
Click on the shin-deep Finders Keepers label honcho to listen.



Speak Cities sleeve

We're delighted to announce the release of US saxophonist Keir Neuringer and UK composer Matt Wright's fantastic new album, Speak Cities, on 18 April 2017. The duo will tour the south east of England in support of the release in the springtime. For more information on the forthcoming CD, please click on Neuringer's labyrinthine cityscape above.


Thanks to Far Rainbow, Tullis Rennie and Cath Roberts for a wonderful night of music in Canterbury on 17th November.



Pierre Bastien by Zara McKenzie

Pierre Bastien at Contra Pop 2015, by Zara McKenzie

Happy to hear Pierre Bastien's Mecanoid on the Beach (recorded live at Contra Pop 2015) get an airing on The Wire's Adventures in Music and Sound show on Resonance FM last Thursday. Stream the whole show (presented by Gustave Evrard) below, and listen out for Bastien's track around the 39-minute mark.



We're excited to announce that free improv trailblazers Far Rainbow, Tullis Rennie and Cath Roberts will be appearing at Free Range in Canterbury on Thursday 17th November 2016 at our (polite) behest. This is going to be special. More info at http://free-range.co/

Far Rainbow by Steven Cropper
Far Rainbow by Steven Cropper



Venues and timings for tomorrow's event in Margate – info direct from Sounds for Living HQ

Shelter map

Fort Hill Shelter

12 noon Tendrils: A walking/drawing sonic workshop – Helen Frosi (Soundfjord)

Meet at the shelter and allow 2 hours. 

Northdown Road

2.30pm Transmission Record Shop

Robert Stillman

4pm Cliffs Record & Coffee Shop

4.30pm Steve Beresford & Sarah Brand

5.30pm SlapDash

6.30-8pm Recommendations for refreshments:

Tap Room Ale House (Prices Ave/ Northdown Parade)

The Bankok Thai (next door to Tap Room-booking advised: 01843 224777)

Margate Arts Club

8pm Graham Dunning's Mechanical Techno

Graham Dunning by Jonathan Waring



Extra Normal Recommends:

On Saturday 17th September, Sounds for Living, a new organisation founded by our friends, Rachel Connelly (Unmeasured Music) and Dan Scott (Athelstan Sound), present a fantastic all-dayer in Margate, entitled Shelter.

The event, housed in Fort Hill Shelter on Fort Crescent (during the afternoon) and Margate Arts Club (in the evening), will encompass performances by a number of our improvised music heroes, some of whom we've been lucky enough to work with in the past.

US-born saxophonist and composer, Robert Stillman, whose work features in the recent mix we made for Kit Records, will be performing at Shelter at some point between 2.30pm and 6.30pm on Saturday.

Likewise, Tina Krasevec and David Leahy were invited by our friends in Canterbury, Free Range, to appear at Contra Pop 2015 and made it as far as featuring on the festival poster before unfortunately having to pull out. We trust they'll make it along on this occasion and their investigation into the relationship between two performers and a double bass will prove fascinating.

We saw trombonist Sarah Gail Brand play alongside Contra Pop 2016 artist Lauren Redhead at Free Range in October last year and witnessed Steve Beresford on fine form on electronics, objects and piano at the Horse Improv Club in Lambeth the following month. We're looking forward to seeing Brand and Beresford team up for Shelter.

Graham Dunning, who appeared at the Extra-Normal-programmed Magnetic South Festival at London South Bank University in April 2016, brings his radical turntablism to Margate Arts Club at 8pm on Saturday. Dunning's Mechanical Techno is a Pierre-Bastien-meets-Tony-Hart tour-de-force!

Suffice to say that Extra Normal can vouch for the adventurous intentions of this site-specific free event taking place along the coast from us in Margate. For more information, please visit http://margatefestival.org/listings/sounds-for-living-shelter/

See you under the Sounds for Living shelter on Saturday!


Last remaining copies of the Contra Pop 2015 double CD go on sale today, online via Bandcamp and Norman Records and on the shelves at Island Vintage, High Street, Ramsgate and Transmission Records, Northdown Road, Cliftonville.


Contra Pop 2016 running order

Looks like there's only going to be one winner in Ramsgate's giant jellyfish hunt.
Click on Oliver Barrett's wonderful illustration to find out more about Contra Pop Festival, 20th-21st August 2016.

Contra Pop poster

In other news, the Contra Pop 2015 compilation CD will be released on Saturday 20th August 2016 and available exclusively at Ramsgate beach over the festival weekend.

Contra Pop CD

The compilation includes several tracks recorded live at last year's event, combined with a selection of previously (un)released offerings by festival artists. We are delighted that every single live act that performed at Contra Pop 2015 is represented here and we would like to thank the artists for embracing the project.


1. Kayaka (8:16)
2. Tomaga (7:51)
3. Pierre Bastien ( 10:45)
4. Evan Parker and Matt Wright (10:35)
5. Richard Dawson (4:38)
6. Richard Youngs (5:24)
7. Ghédalia Tazartès (4:56)
8. Orlando (6.49)
9. Trelawney (4:08)
10. Ravioli Me Away (2:02)
11. Pega Monstro (4:32)
12. Gnod (5:16)


1. Klara Lewis (2:29)
2. Don’t DJ (8:40)
3. Peder Mannerfelt (4:24)
4. Petrels (11:11)
5. Giant Swan (10:20)
6. Golden Teacher (8:09)
7. Dick El Demasiado (2:18)
8. Felix Kubin (1:54)
9. Bass Clef (6:52)
10. Heatsick (4:52)
11. Adrian Sherwood (5:43)



We've made a contribution to the fantastic Kit Records mix series. Thanks to Richard Greenan for the invitation.
Click below to be taken to the mix.

Kit Records mix


We're delighted to announce that Contra Pop Festival will return to Ramsgate on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st August '16.
Please check here for line-up and ticket link on Thursday 16th June.

Pierre Bastien
Pierre Bastien at Contra Pop 2015


London South Bank University presents Magnetic South on 14-15 April 2016, programmed by Kyle from Extra Normal. Click on Oli Barrett's cracking poster design for info and tickets:

Magnetic South poster



Lumpen Nobleman will be DJing at Athelstan Sound in support of the magnificent Bog Bodies
on Friday 11th December at Resort Studios in Margate.
All vinyl: only contra this time, no pop.

Athelstan Sound 1



Adagio sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 50: Adagio Scored for Eleven Different Eels by Dan Dizette.
Click on the ambiguous green image to listen.


Dogmeat sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 49: A Dress for Dogmeat by Lumpen Nobleman.
Click on the dog in an aircraft to listen.


Surgical sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 48: Surgical Planning Collective by Dan Dizette.
Click on the pre-surgical visualisation to listen.


Gus Garside

We are sorry to announce that Gus Garside has had to withdraw from the Free Range performance detailed below due to illness. We (and Gus himself) are hugely disappointed that he won't be making it to Canterbury and we wish him a speedy recovery.

We're pleased to say that Simon Vincent will now be performing a rare solo electronic improvisation in addition to his interpretation of Feldman's Palais de Mari.

Simon Vincent


On Thursday 15th October, Extra Normal travels to Free Range in Canterbury to present a new collaboration between Berlin-based pianist and electro-acoustic musician Simon Vincent and Brighton’s improviser and double bass player Gus Garside.

For Free Range, Vincent interprets Morton Feldman’s final solo piano work Palais de Mari (1986), while Garside (double bass and effects) and Vincent (electronics) come together to perform a specially-commissioned electro-acoustic improvisation.

Simon VincentmmGus Garside

Simon Vincent is a performer and composer of acoustic and electronic music, who challenges the boundaries of genre and musical expression with a highly personal language which he has been developing since the early 1990s. ‘Visionary and expressive’, ‘rich and surprising’, ‘intelligent’, ‘delicate’, ‘impressionistic’, ‘fresh’, ‘incredibly individual’, his music has attracted praise from critics as varied as Ben Watson, Julian Cowley, Massimo Ricci, Gilles Peterson and Four Tet.

Gus Garside has worked in a variety of musical settings – jazz, contemporary music, pop, cabaret, dance, theatre and improvised music – where he has performed with many leading players. He is a member of a number of improvising and contemporary music groups including his long standing string trio Arc, with Sylvia Hallett and Danny Kingshill; Static Memories, a duo with Dan Powell and the West Hill Blast Quartet, a free jazz unit with Ron Caines, Dan Spicer and Andy Pyne. ‘Where Garside differs from the average jazz bassist is in the range of sonorities he conjures from his instrument’ – The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD.

You may remember that we reviewed Garside's Static Memories/Kay Grant gig last year and Vincent's collaboration with Sophie Tassignon recently.

For more information on Free Range, which takes place free of charge on Thursday evenings between October and March at Mrs Jones' Kitchen, 60-61 Palace Street, Canterbury, please visit:

Free Range logo



Contra Pop Running Order



Review of Charlotte and Mr. Stone, Live at Café du Burgaud here.

Cafe Burgaud sleeve



Extra Normal and Julie Tippex present a Contra Pop primer event at Cafe Oto in Dalston, London, on 20th August with live performances by festival artists Pierre Bastien and Tomaga. For more info and tickets, click on the poster below.

Bastien and Tomaga Oto Poster



We're delighted to announce Contra Pop Festival 2015, which will take place in Ramsgate from 21st to 23rd August.
Click on Oliver Barrett's giant jellyfish hunt to find out more.

Contra Pop Poster by Oliver Barrett


Atonal Sleeve

Lumpen Nobleman straight back on the wheels of steel with Extra Normal Mix No. 47.



Click on the three graffitied witches to reach
Extra Normal Mix No. 46 by Lumpen Nobleman.

Orchestre Sleeve


Heretics Disco hits Underground in Margate on Saturday 30th May.

Heretics Poster Margate



We're delighted to present Dan Dizette's new ten-minute sound-collage, Radio Saviour.*
Prepare to be taken on a non-linear journey through a tumultuous century of radio broadcasting,
from state-controlled 1920s Leningrad to uncontrollable present day London.

Radio Saviour

* The piece was originally produced in response to an international open call for experimental radio art.
After being selected for broadcast, Dan decided to withdraw the work due to what
he perceived as a lack of transparency in the commissioning process.


Hugs Sleeve

Dan Dizette's Hugs, If You Were Born in the Eighties mix is now online.
Click on the embracing sloths to stream or download this dubby post-punk outing.


Heretics Disco Poster



Live at Park House Sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 44 by Dan Dizette.
A live excursion taking in folk, jazz and abject noise via a bout of technical troubles.
Click on the soaring Pterodactyl to begin a Journey to the One.



15 Tracks by 15 Year Olds

Extra Normal Mix No. 43 by Kyle McCallum.
15 tracks, each performed by 15 year olds (plus or minus 15 months), compiled over 15 years then mixed live in a slightly different order. Click on the adulterated magazine clipping to listen.



One Hand Is Hate

Extra Normal Mix No. 42 by Lumpen Nobleman, entitled One Hand is Hate, One Hand is Love.
Click on one of the eels above to listen to the first compilation of the year.



Club Integral Logo

Review of Club Integral at The Others on 28 November 2014 here.


15 Tracks of 15 Minutes

Extra Normal Mix No. 41 by Kyle McCallum.
15 tracks, each 15 minutes long, compiled in 225 minutes then mixed live in a slightly different order.
Click on the adulterated magazine clipping to listen.


Power Lunches

Review of Golden Teacher/Shopping/Not Sorry at Power Lunches here.

Outer Church Poster

Review of The Outer Church at Ramsgate Music Hall here.



Priceless Underground Sleeve

Extra Normal Mix No. 40 by Dan Dizette is made up of twenty-two tracks which have each been made available to the public free of charge by the various artists and/or labels involved in their production and release.


Spooky Future Poster

After a successful launch event in June and the visit of Ravioli Me Away in September, Stupid Future is now preparing for a special Spooky Future edition at Vinyl Head Cafe in Ramsgate on 30th October.

Lumpen Nobleman will be projecting a selection of horror film visuals and spinning some of his most creepy soundtrack records and Vinyl Head will be putting on a seasonal menu including delicious pumpkin soup and mysterious 'adult treats'.

In the meantime, Lumpen Nobleman has put together an exclusive Halloween mix:



15 Tracks

Extra Normal Mix No. 39 by Kyle McCallum.
Fifteen tracks compiled in fifteen minutes then mixed live in a slightly different order.
Click on the adulterated magazine clipping to listen.



Ravioli Album Cover

A huge thank-you to Ravioli Me Away for hitting the Ramsgate Music Hall with a unique brand of post-punk agitation on Thursday. Extra Normal and Northerly Wind wish the band all the best for the rest of their tour. For tour dates and to get your hands on 'The Inevitable Album', click here.



We are excited to present an ambitious addition to the Extra Normal mix series. Mix No. 38 comes in the form of an audio tapestry of ‘spoken words and stories, non-verbal utterances, glottal sonics and human harmonies’, selected and collaged by Jennifer Lucy Allan to a backdrop of modern drone.
Allan is online editor at The Wire magazine and label head at Arc Light Editions, which is part of Bristol’s Multiverse Music. The label’s debut release was the first vinyl pressing of Arthur Russell's Another Thought, followed by Ingram Marshall’s Fog Tropes. In the coming months, Arc Light Editions will release a beautiful but forgotten Finnish jazz record by Jone Takamaki Trio.

In the meantime, you’re invited to navigate this sprawling alter-narrative that Styx in the Throat.



Extra Normal and Northerly Wind's eclectic clubnight, Stupid Future, is combining with Ramsgate Music Hall to bring eccentric London-based post-punk group, Ravioli Me Away, to Kent on Thursday 4th September. Advance tickets are available from Ramsgate Music Hall via WeGotTickets.

Ravioli Poster


Awkward Sons

As is often the case with the Extra Normal mix series, No. 37 invited its author to do something, musically or otherwise, that they wouldn’t normally do.

After ten or so years of ‘kicking your quivering record collection firmly in the throat’ on Glasgow’s Subcity Radio, The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart have decided to home in on a subcultural musical genre often shied away from by prudish vinylists and boutique labels, by way of ‘a wall-to-wall, dark, sickly, occult, morbid, extreme metal punishment session’.

Mastermind of this beautifully crafted Satanistic trauma-fest, The Awkward Sons’ very own Splashy the Blame-Shifter co-runs the noise/drone/rhythmic industrial/hollowed-out techno tape/digital label, Herhalen, on which he’ll shortly be releasing some ‘noise/feedback/drone/fucked up laptop abuse’ on a split cassette with Ship Canal and Lenina.

Splashy also plays in the band, Ex-Servicemen, and, if you’re lucky enough to be in Glasgow on 25 July, you’ll catch the city’s only tramp juice-fuelled industrial dub power trio at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, supporting contemporary noise legend, Kevin Drumm.

In the meantime, if you’re feeling sinister, prepare to be VIOLATED by The Awkward Sons.



Extra Normal is teaming up with Northerly Wind to present a night of DJing in the upstairs bar of Ramsgate Music Hall on Saturday 28th June. The latest news from Northerly Wind HQ is that Drunk Mum may be bringing along a Kaoss Pad. Happy days.

Stupid Future poster



Darnell Corvid Sleeve

Contribution No. 36 of the Extra Normal mix series comes from the mysterious figure of Darnell Corvid. While it is rumoured that the man is a major player in the emerging Doom Wop scene and has connections with a vegan cafe and its associated record shop, we firmly believe that Mr. Corvid is actually a visionary alien who came to earth to soak up some groovy sonics during the Space Race and is now retired and living in the body of the tabby cat, Link Wray, in the Mount Florida area of Glasgow.

Judge for yourself, HERE.



Needle of Death sleeve

Lumpen Nobleman has been commissioned by curator, Anne-Marie Watson, to produce a piece of music which is to be pressed onto vinyl as a one-off dub plate and housed in Mat Jenner's travelling Foam archive alongside contributions by ninety-nine other artists and musicians.

Click here to view the Foam catalogue and for updates on the current whereabouts of the archive.



To a Moose Sleeve

Now that the dust has settled on a spate of February mixes, The Archduke Dance Contraband follows his DJ appearance at Extra Normal’s Vacant World with a selection of Robert-Burns-inspired folk music.

While Burns had ‘the temerity to suggest that God was a woman’ (Michael Marra), here Ivor Cutler urges that ‘women of the world take over’ and The Archduke astutely places Cutler’s mini manifesto in paralllllel-o-lel with Linda Perhacs’ spiralllll-o-ling psychedelic gem in this finely-crafted mix.

Alongside such subtle programming, the mix tacitly acknowledges the centrality of the shared social experience to the folk fraternity, in its inclusion of several live performances which capture the kind of inter-song banter key to the repertoire of any serious songsmith.

Click on the Bard to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride.




We're delighted to announce that, hot on the heels of diverse mixes from Howard Slater, DJ Local Promoter and David Panos, the fourth guest mix of the series comes from a figure fast becoming a legend of the Glasgow music community. Over the several years of its operation, Cry Parrot has put on some of the most memorable gigs in the city's already world-renowned musical history, often featuring protagonists of Scotland's DIY underground playing alongside a discerning selection of international acts. Key to the vitality of Cry Parrot has been an operational ethos that favours artists and audiences over profiteers, an approach that is sure to make a lasting impression as the project branches out across the UK and further afield.

Without further ado, here is an exquisite mix from Cry Parrot's Fielding Hope, who has sensitively collated a phenomenal breadth of jazz from around the globe and beyond.

Click here to soak up this selection.



Panos Sleeve

With the Extra Normal mix series peppered with extraordinary releases from Difficult Fun, we thought it fitting to solicit a DJ mix straight from the horse's mouth, the London label's very own David Panos.

Panos has dismantled three generations of house and techno music, before screwing them back together again using the nuts and bolts of the Athens electronic underground, and a bit of lubrication from a sensational wild card entry from the Channel Islands.

To enter this clash of goths vs. ravers, where Euro/US house and techno meet the unique sound of Athens' cold wave bars and clubs, click on the collage (provided by Panos) above.



DJ Local Promoter Sleeve

Events on the Extra Normal mixes page have taken another unexpected turn. After our own Lumpen Nobleman bent the rules with the contribution of a newly synced soundtrack to an existing 1970s exploitation film, and guest Howard Slater breathed new life into the series with his Youtube playlist, DJ Local Promoter now hits us on the blind side with a sucker punch: a mix that comes in the form of an all-singing-all-dancing live radio show.

This special edition of From Classic to Modern takes us, anthropologically and comedically, into the very heart of Scotland's regional broadcasting tradition. A rare sociological insight into the mind-blowing headspace of the thousands of Scots tuning into sublime frequencies on the car stereo on their way to an out-of-town hardware store to pick up DIY supplies on a Saturday afternoon.

Musically, this selection comes straight from the heart of your passionate host, DJ Local Promoter, who will take you sailing soulfully from Wester Ross to Nova Scotia and back again via the extremely funky shores of a post-punk-disco-not-disco Francophone Europe.

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the unique world of From Classic to Modern.

Click here to jump aboard this exclusive transatlantic crossing.



Slater Sleeve

After a three-year period encompassing the production of thirty musical compilations by in-house selectors Lumpen Nobleman and Dan Dizette, the Extra Normal mix series is now expanding to include contributions by some of the visionaries who have inspired us over the years.

We're delighted to announce that the first of these figures is the inimitable Howard Slater who has put together a magical selection of jazz, spoken word, post punk, deep house and techno.

Click here to begin this musical journey.

A Magnificent Stone

A Magnificent Stone Near Nazarovo is now available online at Norman Records and is on the shelves at Monorail, Kings Court, Glasgow.


Lumpen Nobleman's new cassette, A Magnificent Stone Near Nazarovo, is due for release on Monday 27 May and Norman Records are now taking pre-orders.

Norman Records Logo


A Magnificent Stone

Without losing a hint of his analogue aesthetic, where sound flows endlessly, Lumpen Nobleman returns with a release that travels far, far away, to galaxies inhabited by mutant radiophonic workshops and colonised by industrial forces that know better than us; where electronic music is just a ritual, and collision and seduction are the same thing. Celestial rhythmic Fluxus of the highest divinity, or earnest, earthbound power electronics; who knows? What we really can assert, though, is that something ominous and bloody physical is about to happen. – José Luis Villalobos (Electrónica en Abril, Madrid)

A Magnificent Stone Near Nazarovo will be released by Extra Normal on 27 May 2013 in a cassette edition and Norman Records will be taking pre-orders shortly.



Extra Normal will begin a monthly DJ residency at Mono in Glasgow on Friday 10 May.
From 21 June onwards, the night will run on the third Friday of every month.

Vacant World Poster


Mono Logo

Lumpen Nobleman will be making a(nother) rare DJ appearance on Friday 19th April at Mono.
8pm till 1am: Free entry


Mono Logo

Lumpen Nobleman will be making a rare DJ appearance on Friday 22nd March at Mono in Glasgow.
8pm till 1am: Free entry


Burns Sleeve

A CDR edition of 75 of Lumpen Nobleman's Burns in the Expanded Field mix was produced on the occasion of a Burns Supper hosted by Jacqueline Donachie and Lucy Byatt at Hospitalfield, Arbroath.

Listen to audio and view tracklisting here.


Wild Combo

Wild Combination honcho, David Barbarossa, kindly invited Lumpen Nobleman to contribute a mix for his Subcity radio show. Click here to listen.


Dan Dizette's Save Your Vote For Holy Jim mix here.

Holy Jim Sleeve


Electric Love mix by Lumpen Nobleman here.

Electric Love Sleeve

Review of MV & EE at CCA, Glasgow, by Dan Dizette here.

TJC Grandtully

La Terraza

Extra Normal is excited to announce that Lumpen Nobleman will perform at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, on Sunday 22nd July as part of a series of events spanning July, August and September 2012.

The programme of concerts will include contributions from Sonic Youth co-founder, Kim Gordon, in collaboration with DNA no wave pioneer, Ikue Mori; avant minimalist, Eyvind Kang, alongside vocalist, Jessika Kenney; and hypnotic jazz experimentalists, The Necks.

For more information, click here.

Many thanks to curator Jose Luis Villalobos for the kind invitation and to Creative Scotland for support.


We're delighted to be contributing a guest mix to Jonny Mugwump's Exotic Pylon radio show.
For more information, click here.

Have a listen to the Exotic Pylon Radio Archive and we're sure you'll agree that this is the most forward-, backward- and sideways-thinking transmission on the airwaves.


Lumpen Nobleman's Grusha LP is available from:

Aye-Aye Books, CCA, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow
Monorail Music, King's Court, Glasgow
Piccadilly Records, Oldham Street, Manchester
Rough Trade East, Brick Lane, London
Rubadub Records, Howard Street, Glasgow
Sister Ray, Berwick Street, London
Sounds of the Universe, Broadwick Street, London

and online by mail-order from:
Norman Records, Piccadilly Records and Rough Trade



Supreme tellers of tales from the dark underground of the imagination and widely accepted blogger-top-dogs, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, included Lumpen Nobleman's Scaling the Yablonois on their Souvenirs from the Zone mixtape.

To read their earlier report on the making of the Grusha LP, click here.



Scaling the Yablonois by Lumpen Noblemen (a.k.a. Lumpen Nobleman) set the ball rolling for London's deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show on Resonance FM on Saturday 10th September. To listen, click here.

It's probably not the first time this has been said but Hello GoodBye seems to be picking up where the great John Peel left off, with an emphasis on vibrant live studio sessions. More info here.

deXter Bentley


Lumpen Nobleman's Grusha, just one piece of wax in the five-figure record collection of David Barbarossa, got an airing on the first episode of the Glasgow disco legend's Wild Combination radio show. To listen, click here.

Wild Combination




Lumpen Nobleman
Bonar Hall Theatre Space, Dundee
7th July 2011

A performance evening organised by
Dundee Contemporary Arts to accompany
artist Cara Tolmie's exhibition,
'Read Thou Art and Read Thou Shalt Remain'.

Lumpen Nobleman would like to thank Cara Tolmie and curator Graham Domke.