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Siberian sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Siberian Express
Catalogue No: XNMX 070
Duration: 87 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: December 2017

Bill Orcutt White Christmas (Excerpt) (Editions Mego, 2013)
Eugene Chadbourne Bo Diddley is a Communist (Live at the Stone, NYC) (Modern Alchemy, 2007)
Raymond Scott Quintet Siberian Sleighride (Columbia, 1939)
Magma Üdü Wüdü (Utopia, 1976)
Thinking Plague How to Clean a Squid (Endemic Music, 1984)
Blues Creation Sooner or Later (Denon, 1971)
Slapp Happy / Henry Cow Riding Tigers (Virgin, 1975)
Kevin Ayers Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong (Harvest, 1969)
Syd Barrett Wolfpack (Harvest, 1970)
Lee Ranaldo The Bridge (Tellus, 1985)
James Worse Pollerfosk (Migro, 2017)
Alex J MacLeod and congregation Martyrdom (Psalm 30: 1–4) (Lewis Recordings, 1998)
New Phonic Art Version II (WERGO, 1971)
Tod Dockstader Snowbell Waltz (Tranquil) (Boosey & Hawkes, 1981)
Golden Teacher No Luscious Life (Golden Teacher self-released, 2017)
Will Glanfield Long Miles (Migro, 2017)
The Bjarne Rostvold Perry Knudsen Percussion Ensemble Yawakuru (Dance of the Elders) (FONA, 1971)
The Aggrovators A Confusing Version (Attack, 1990)
P Jam and Terror Danjah Tenement Dub (Hardrive, 2016)
Download Lebanull (Off Beat / Sub-Conscious Communications, 1995)
Drexciya C To The Power Of X + C To The Power Of X = MM = Unknown (Tresor, 1999)
Molly Nilsson American Express (Dark Skies Association / Night School, 2017)


Peacock sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Dazzling Peacock Poacher
Catalogue No: XNMX 069
Duration: 40 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: December 2017

The Watersons The Poacher’s Fate (Topic, 1966)
Shirley Collins Barbara Allen (Argo, 1959)
Anne Briggs Tangled Man (CBS, 1971)
Trembling Bells Wide Majestic Aire (Tin Angel, 2016)
Wizz Jones Dazzling Stranger (United Artists, 1969)
Unknown Artist O Mansa Musa (recorded by Tucker Martine in Mali, 1998) (Sublime Frequencies, 2004)
23 Skidoo Urban Gamelan Act 1 (Illuminated, 1984)
Carla Bley and Paul Haines A.I.R. (All India Radio) (JCOA, 1971)
Gruppe Nuova Consonanza Quasiraga (Avantgarde, 1969)
Paul Bley with Gary Peacock Albert’s Love Theme (ECM, 1970)
Tangerine Dream Geburt (Genesis) (Excerpt) (Ohr, 1970)

Horns sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Horns are a Burden
Catalogue No: XNMX 068
Duration: 61 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: October 2017

Minimal Compact Introspection (Crammed Discs, 1982)
Pere Ubu Horns are a Dilemma (Rough Trade, 1982)
Attrition Beast of Burden (Ding Dong, 1985)
400 Blows Beat the Devil (Concrete Productions, 1982)
Daniel Lauter Dance with the Masks (Modern Rites/Ancient Waves, 1988) and JG Ballard The Drowned World Chapter 13 (published 1962)
Fred Giannelli Sales (Telepathic, 1996)
Lego Feet Untitled (Skam, 1991)
Caleb Cobell Electrog4 (Awfully Evil Mix) (recorded in 1994) (GOM, 2015)
DJ Manny x DJ Phil Bam Bam VIP (Teklife, 2016)
Class Power If I Ever (not on label, 2016)
Bossy Love Get It (not on label, 2014)
Jaki Whitren and John Cartwright Go With The Flow (recorded in 1983) (Emotional Rescue, 2011)
Cosmic Hoffmann Space Disco (recorded in 1978) (Emotional Rescue, 2013)
OMD Electricity (Virgin, 1980)
Patrick Cowley Mutant Man (Unidisc, 1982)
Empty Suitcases sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Empty Suitcases
Catalogue No: XNMX 067
Duration: 53 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: October 2017

Giacinto Scelsi L'âme Ailée (composed in 1973) (Col Legno, 1999) and Recordist Unknown Dripping Tap (Household) (BBC, c. 1999)
Karlheinz Stockhausen Struktur X (recorded in 1959) (WERGO, 1964)
Guapo IV (recorded in 2004) (Ipecac, 2005)
Alejandro Jodorowsky La Catedral De Los Puercos (The Pig's Monastery) (Apple, 1971)
Gisburg Ritual (Tzadik, 1995)
Cos Ixelles (IBC, 1976)
Massacre Subway Heart (Celluloid, 1981)
Adam Pultze Melbye Barrage (Clinical Archives, 2008)
Howie Reeve The Playroom (Music Language Festival, 2013)
Derek Bailey Laura (Tzadik, 2002)
Bob Log III Daddy Log's Drive-In Candy Hoppin' Car Babes (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1998)
Drums of Chaos Drums of Chaos (Emotional Rescue, 2015)
B.E.F. Music to Kill Your Parents By (Virgin, 1981)
Darkthrone Thulcandra (self-released, 1989)
Les Rallizes Denudés The Night Collectors (recorded in 1977) (Phoenix, 2010)

Snowball sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Snowball Odysseus
Catalogue No: XNMX 066
Duration: 39 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: September 2017

The Gaslamp Killer feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Lifeguard Tower #22 (Cuss, 2016)
Devo Snowball (demo) (not on label, 1980)
Nitzer Ebb Faded Smiles (self-released, 1983)
Pat Maher Numerical Supplication (Wire Magazine, 2012)
Fix and Fertig Cube Carrelage Blanc (self-released, 1984)
Gaika feat. Fallacy and Gretz Security (Mixpak, 2016)
Franck Vigroux Aucun Lieu (D’Autres Cordes, 2016)
News From Babel Odysseus (ReR Megacorp, 1983)
Daisy and Tone Minimalism (live in Paddy Freeman’s Park, Newcastle) (not on label, 2015)
Sloth Racket Crossed Swords (excerpt) (Luminous, 2016)
Adam Coney Law of LaPlace (Trestle, 2014)
Sloth Racket Crossed Swords (excerpt) (Luminous, 2016)


Shinzo sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Shinzo in the Dark
Catalogue No: XNMX 065
Duration: 30 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: September 2017

Donnie and Joe Emerson Baby (Enterprise & Co., 1979)
Them It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Decca, 1973)
Yoko Ono with The Plastic Ono Band and Elephant’s Memory What A Bastard The World Is (Apple, 1973)
Cathy Berberian Ticket to Ride (Polydor, 1967)
Paddy Melford Ave Maria (self-pressed, c. 1949)
Woo Magic in the Dark (Alternative Version) (recorded in c. 1990) (Emotional Rescue, 2014)
Phranc I Like Life (Los Angeles Free Music Society, 1981)
Mariah Shinzo No Tobira (Shan-Shan, 1983)


Clown sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
Clown With Wound
Catalogue No: XNMX 064
Duration: 76 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: June 2017

Den Tredje Generasjon Sterk Som (Wide, 1984)
Philippe Laurent Et Hop (Fraction Studio, 1983)
Paul McCartney Check My Machine (Parlophone, 1980)
Sylvester I Need Somebody to Love Tonight (Fantasy, 1979)
Syclops Where’s Jason’s K (DFA, 2008)
Sensational / Kruton You In The Right Spot (original demo) (Power Vacuum, 2016)
Rah Digga Party Over Here (Instrumental) (J, 2003)
Lixo feat. Trim Writer's Block (GETME!, 2016)
Krash My Soul (Ultimatum Breaks, 1999)
Anthony B Rebellion Rhythm (White Robins, 2002)
Lady Saw Ism & Skism (Version) (Stone Love, 1995)
Trash Kit Knock Yr Socks Off (Upset! The Rhythm, 2010)
Girobabies Jeremy Kyle (Traffic Cone, 2010)
84 Flesh ‎Salted City (Skydog, 1978)
The Leather Nun Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) (Chopper Mix) (Wire, 1986)
Royal Family and the Poor I Love You (Restrained In A Moment) (Factory, 1984)
Gruff Rhys Lonesome Words (Rough Trade, 2007)
Ela Eis My Clown (Ink, 1982)
The Residents Less Not More (Ralph, 1980)
Sant Josep Dancers Pernonau Si No Is Agrada (recorded in 1952 by Alan Lomax) (Rounder, 2011)
:zoviet*france: Is It? (Staalplaat, 1990)
Nurse With Wound Space Funk With Springs (United Dairies, 1996)
Midwich Nape Part 2 (Bells Hill, 2016)
John Kirby Zilvermeeuw (Hoor de Vogels) (Europese Fono Club, c. 1962)

Crayon sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Vite, Un Crayon!
Catalogue No: XNMX 063
Duration: 62 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: June 2017

Guy Harries and Yumi Hara Cawkwell Spring Into Summer (Migro, 2014)
Mark Hewins Graviton (not on label, c. 2014)
Sun City Girls Immortal Gods (brief excerpt) (Cloaven Cassettes, 1987)
Asmus Tietchens Konstrukt 2 (YHR Tapes, 1982)
Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force feat. Mbene Diatta Seck Lamb Ji (Ndagga, 2015)
Harry Toddler / Brian and Tony Gold Perfect Combination (Stone Love, 1999)
Norma White I Want Your Love (orig. Studio One, 1978) (Soul Jazz, 2016)
Niney the Observer Blood and Fire (Observers, 1971)
Augustus Pablo El Rocker (recorded in c. 1979) (Rockers, 2013)
LEVELZ Worship (not on label, 2016)
Lil Kim Lighters Up (Explicit Version) (Atlantic, 2005)
Killer Mike Scared Straight (Explicit Album Version) (Columbia, 2003)
Busy Signal Step Out (Dutty Remix) (SOJT Prods, c. 2006)
Booze Side Effect (All Time Low, 2011)
Bonjour Francoise: French for Absolute Beginners Vite, Un Crayon! (BBC TV, 1965)
Hector Bizerk Bury the Hatchet (Music Language Festival, 2012)


Hive sleeve

Various (compiled by Dan Dizette)
Hug the Hive and Down the Fourth Path
Catalogue No: XNMX 062
Duration: 39 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: June 2017

Tony Allen Moyege (Mark’s Disco Dub) (Honest Jon’s, 2006)
Ahmed Fakroun Falah (recorded in 1982) (Mogiphone, 1987)
Hailu Mergia Sewnetuwa (recorded in 1985) (Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2013)
Gareth Williams and Mary Currie Breast Stroke (Contagious, 1985)
Storm Bugs Up The Pylon And Down The Lane (Snatch, 2017)
Graham Dunning Hive (Fractal Meat Cuts, 2015)
Mazur / Neuringer Fourth Path (Relative Pitch, 2016)
Some Some Unicorn A Simple Shrug (Clutter Music, 2016)
Guido Möbius ‎Batagur Baska (Shitkatapult, 2016)


Tornado sleeve

Various (compiled by Lumpen Nobleman)
You Say Tornadoes, I Say Tornados
Catalogue No: XNMX 061
Duration: 44 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: June 2017

Magpahi The River (recorded in c. 2012) (Folklore Tapes Archival Reissue Series, 2016)
The Tornados Exodus (Live) (recorded in c. 1964) (Diamond, 1996)
The Tornadoes Bustin’ Surfboards (Aertaun, 1962)
Can Hunters and Collectors (Virgin, 1975)
Orlando Million Dollar Mermaid (not on label, 2015)
Hugs Bison Withdrawn (not on label, 2014)
Roger Davy Brumes Sur Mars (Disques Magellan, 1972)
Soft Cell ....So (Some Bizzare, 1982)
Tatyana Kochergina Igray Skripka Igray (DJ Scientist edit) (Excursions, 2016) (orig. Мелодия, 1981)
Candido Jingo (Salsoul, 1979)