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Simon Vincent sleeve

Simon Vincent
Faceless (1993)
Catalogue No: XNMX 071
Duration: 43 mins
Format: MP3/320kbps
Released: March 2018

While, historically, many Extra Normal mixes have sailed close to the wind of experimental sound collage, for example Jennifer Lucy Allan’s Styx in the Throat (2014), Simon Vincent’s Faceless, in effect, travels in the opposite direction, being, as it is, an original musical composition (unceremoniously(!)) appropriated by Extra Normal as a mix.

To paraphrase the composer himself, Faceless was conceived at a time when London was turning architecturally neo-gothic and ideologically ultra-capitalist – something of a Gotham City.

While London and its people have been plunged ever deeper into the mire of rampant neoliberalism in recent years, Vincent’s 25-year-old piece is as sonically vivid and conceptually pertinent today as it was back in ’93.