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Alex Neilson
Alex Neilson

Alex Neilson is a drummer, percussionist and singer from Leeds who is based in Glasgow. He is a founding member and main songwriter of the folk-rock group Trembling Bells and his debut solo album, Vermillion, was released under the name Alex Rex in April 2017.

Already a legendary free-drummer Alex Neilson has played with most of the musical underground’s heavyweights of this era. This one man folk renaissance movement has left a trail of recordings and thrilling live shows with Jandek, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Heather Leigh, Alasdair Roberts, and Richard Youngs in his youthful wake. Always moving from project to project, Neilson brings a sense of exploration and independence to his playing. As one of the most energetic and ‘in-tune’ free players around, Neilson has a better grasp than most on trying to get across the nature of improvisation
. – stylusmagazine

For Contra Pop 2018, Neilson plays drums as part of a new free improv quartet, with Alex Ward (clarinet/guitar), Chris Sharkey (guitar) and Dave Kane (double bass).