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NEWS FLASH: 31st May 2018

The Official Contra Pop Festival 2016 Compilation CD will be released on Saturday 4th August 2018 and available exclusively on Ramsgate beach.

The compilation will include several tracks recorded live at the festival in 2016, combined with a selection of previously (un)released tracks by festival artists, including Athelstan Sound Ensemble, Atom TM, Maya Dunietz, Ghetto Priest & Adrian Sherwood, Agathe Max, Manu Louis, Asmus Tietchens and Xylitol. We would like to thank the artists for embracing the project.

Atom TM by Jason EvansGhetto Priest and Adrian Sherwood by Jason EvansAgathe Max by Jason Evans
From left to right: Atom TM, Ghetto Priest, Adrian Sherwood and Agathe Max at Contra Pop 2016. Photos by Jason Evans.