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Atom TM

Atom™ (also known as Atom Heart and often confused with Señor Coconut, real name Uwe Schmidt) is a German composer, musician and record producer of electronic music. He is often regarded as the father of electrolatino, electrogospel and aciton (acid-reggaeton) music.
Atom™ began making music in the early 1980s, first playing drums, then switching to programming a drum computer after he had heard a Linn Drum on the radio.
Together with Tobias Freund, who by then still used the "Pink Elln" pseudonym, Schmidt played a live show at one of the first "rave" parties ever in Finland in 1992. The live concert was recorded and released on "Ongaku Music" in 1992 known as "Elektronikkaa - Atom Heart & Pink Elln live in Montreux and Helsinki" and became one of the first released live Techno recordings.
From 2007 until 2010, collaborating with Japanese composer Masaki Sakamoto, he produces the album "Alien Symphony" and the modified (online) version of it, called "Meteor Shower", which was released in 2010. The same year saw Atom™ acting a mini-role in the Mexican movie "Orol". By the end of 2010, a short South American tour is played with his "Sr. Coconut" project, which involved "cha cha cha" arrangments of tracks by Kraftwerk and others.
Early 2013 saw Atom™ playing various live shows, such as the double opening feature at Berlin's "CTM.13", where he first performed "Bauteile" with colleague Marc Behrens, and later on, together with "Material + Object", a 3-hour "Alpha txt" set.
For Contra Pop 2016, Atom™ performs his new ambient work, "Texturen".