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Sacred Paws by Matthias Bosch / Jeremy Flament
Sacred Paws (L-R: Moe Meade, Rachel Aggs, Eilidh Rodgers). Photo by Matthias Bosch / Jeremy Flament.

Sacred Paws formed when guitarist and vocalist Rachel Aggs’ and drummer Eilidh Rodgers’ former band Golden Grrrls disbanded. Looking for a good excuse to continue hanging out despite living hundreds of miles apart – with Rachel residing in London and Eilidh based in Glasgow – the two would travel every few months to write songs. The excitement of the two friends meeting after months away from one another bleeds into each song, and even the tracks with heavier or more contemplative lyrical content are full of sunny and infectious melodies.
Sacred Paws now perform as a trio, with Moe Meade (aka Lady Neptune) on bass.