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Otherworld is Kay Logan, a multi-disciplinary artist, instrumentalist and sound engineer from Airdrie, now living in Glasgow. Night School Records, which releases Logan’s music under her Helena Celle pseudonym, says she is ‘a fierce, inquisitive mind active in [the city’s] underground culture’. Her guitar and bass work in sweaty, thrashing outfits like Herbert Powell and Anxiety are an inverse corollary to the curious tapestries in which Helena Celle songs take shape. The preternatural stylistic sensibility Logan exhibits in all of her work isn’t limited to sound, either – she’s a prodigious visual artist with the kind of signature sartorial sensibility that could launch a thousand ships, or lookalikes. Logan’s Otherworld project is a musique concrete excursion likely to appeal to fans of Zoviet France or Coil.
(Text adapted from http://fvckthemedia.com/issue78/fan-club)