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Mara Krastina (Massicot)
Mara Krastina

Simone Aubert (Massicot) by Alvaro Romero
Simone Aubert. Photo by Alvaro Romero.

Colline Grosjean (Massicot)
Colline Grosjean

The Geneva trio Massicot sounds as if it can barely keep its own energy under control.
The no-frills, bone-dry guitar sound oscillates between hypnotically repetitive passages and noisy outbursts.
The group’s songs are reduced to mere skeletons that burst with intensity.
Simone Aubert plays rhythm guitar with a manic energy,
drummer Colline Grosjean works her way from funk to krautrock to tropical beats and back
and, in addition to her work as a singer, Mara Krastina plays a charming, bright red mini-bass.