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Coldnose is Jin Botani, Swedish born with Kurdish blood and now living in London.
Her music blends acid techno with electro, D’n’B, industrial and Kurdish folk music.
Analogue machines are combined with her voice through a toy microphone; it’s dirty, eclectic and
energetic. Her music is mainly improvised, so every performance and recording is unique and
reflects her mood and environment. The lyrics are simple, sometimes nonsensical, but most of
the time comment on society’s rules and expectations of humans. Her music often hints back
to influences like The Egyptian Lover, Kraftwerk, The Prodigy, Björk and Robert Leiner.
She has two sold out tape releases on the Swedish labels Zeon Light Kassett and Funeral Fog and a
track on the French label Hylé’s digital release, Self-identified Non-male Artists Making
Experimental Electronic Music