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Letitia Pleiades & Ashanti Sharda by Tiu Makkonen
Letitia Pleiades (left) and Ashanti Sharda at Shoot Your Shot's Weirdo Warehouse Pride Party, Glasgow. Photo by Tiu Makkonen.

Letitia Pleiades is active in the Glasgow scene as an artist, member of dance group G.O.D.S., notorious pop group Fem Bitch Nation and free-noise mongers Thoth. She is also a killer DJ, whose sets sidewind between UK bass, dancehall, house and techno.

Ashanti Sharda Warrior Goddess of Knowledge and Creativity is a musical masquerade of visual artist Ashanti Harris, whose artistic practice embraces dance, performance, research and activism. Working with a de-colonial methodology, Ashanti’s DJ sets are a carnival of tumultuous Soca and Dancehall classics to heat up the dance floor and make your body move.

I love dancing and I love Soca music from the Caribbean. I grew up with Carnival and I love everything it stands for like turning the world upside down, connecting to your ancestors and letting your body be free. I'm a furious collector and a sharp selector and I never stop dancing to the music I'm playing. – Ashanti Sharda