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Zahra Mani (right) & Mia Zabelka
Zahra Mani (right) and Mia Zabelka

Mia Zabelka and Zahra Mani have been collaborating since 2002, when they founded the “One.Night.Band” ensemble for experimental music. They also joined forces with Lydia Lunch for the trio project Medusa’s Bed and play in various different solo and ensemble constellations.
Mia Zabelka is at the forefront of Austrian and international electro-acoustic performance art. She developed her unique musical language in a process she calls “automatic playing”, where the music grows out of her body and gestures and finds its expression in her electric violin with effects, vocals and/or acoustic violin.
Zahra Mani comes from the UK and Pakistan and has been living in Austria since 2002. The mulit-instrumentalist developed her musical voice in an idiomatic combination of field recordings and live instruments together with live electronics to create complex, dense but
differentiated, pulsing sonic worlds.
The musical exchange between Zabelka and Mani is a multi-faceted dialogue, where Mani’s sounds create an expanding framework for Zabelka’s virtuosity in lyrical, screaming, organic, swelling, complex, poly-rhythmical soundscapes. Their performances offer a glimpse of an ongoing and developed process, a work in-progress that continues to explore and discover new aspects of sound, silence, bodies and space.